This year as the corporations are coping with the stress of the pandemic, our Masterclass topics have been chosen keeping in mind the challenges, ad-hoc remote working conditions, increasing financial stress created due to both personal reasons and market conditions. Our aim is equipping our learners with the agility to adapt to newer roles and functions.

Labour Codes and Its Impact. India Inc and Data Privacy: A Compliance Masterclass.

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Coaching Methodology:

The Masterclasses adopt a very unique blend of coaching, where learners are encouraged to develop their playbook within the challenge sphere, which will be benchmarked with practical case-studies and experiences of our expert trainers. The learners will benefit from peer-learning and self-evaluation techniques. The course provides a certificate of participation that will open up new horizons for our learners.

This year we shall conduct the COMPLIANCE 10/10: Masterclass, online utilizing a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

However, this approach requires us to limit the number of learners and registration is based on first-come, first-serve basis.


Masterclass 1:  Labour Codes and Its Impact.

With the new Labour Codes being implemented, various Employment Laws have been overhauled and the impact of this has been faced throughout every industry and this move has helped simplify and consolidate the existing labour laws. Since these labour codes form the backbone of employment policies, they govern within themselves processes such as the minimum wage, employee benefits, working hours, compensation, insurance, treatment of women, among others. Hence, it is important to analyze and interpret these new legislations and understand the compliances arising from them.


  • a) Bills passed by the Parliament in 2020 upon the recommendations of 2nd National Commission on Labour – Industrial Relations Code, Social Security Code, Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, and Wage Code (2019);
  • b) First major milestone in over three decades, the new codes are new laws are expected to reduce complexities, improve ease of compliance, usher in more transparency and accountability;
  • c) Aimed at improving India’s rank in World Bank’s top 10 ‘Ease of Doing Business’ countries;

Key takeaways:

  • Specific Changes brought about by the Codes:
    • Social Security Code
    • Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code
    • Industrial Relations Code
    • The Code of Wages
  • Understand the key concepts and the reforms introduced.
  • Compliance coverage under the Labour Codes
  • Skill building in the area of Labour Codes in order to mitigate real-life situations
  • Analysing the emerging issues with the new reforms.
  • Impact on existing compliance protocols, policies and processes on workers and professionals (Blue and White Collar)

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Who should take this masterclass:

  • HR Professionals
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Advocates
  • Students
  • Persons interested in the field of Labour Law

Expert Speakers:

Masterclass 2: Data Privacy - India Inc. Privacy Compliance Masterclass

The Personal Data Protection Bill (“Bill”) was introduced in the Lok Sabha in 2019. The Bill sought to protect personal data of individuals within India. It created a framework for processing such personal data and establishes an authority for the same.

The Bill in its current iteration will change the face of businesses in India and the way data is collected and commercialized.

The Bill, since its introduction has undergone major overhauling in terms of scope, applicability and compliance complexity. Added to this, the Bill has also paved the way for a Non-Personal Data Framework, amendments to the IT Rules, debate on data localization and the concept of data minimization. All of this has occurred at an extremely fast pace, leaving entities with very little time to comply with the rules and laws.

With the upcoming Bill set to become a law soon, it would be prudent for companies to proactively start instituting processes and procedures in place that would make compliance a simpler task once the law comes into effect.

This Masterclass aims to provide a thorough understanding of what the main points of consideration in the Bill in comparison with global counterparts and the steps to go about in order to become compliant.

This Masterclass will help you understand and interpret the terms as per the law, data protection steps to take, and how to conduct business in line with the law.

Key takeaways:

  • Existing rules and their impact on businesses
  • Important changes in the IT Rules, RBI Regulations and other privacy rules
  • Intermediaries and liability
  • Discussion on recent cases and court rulings
  • Data Protection regime and their implementation
  • Privacy by Design, Data Protection Assessments, Appointing a DPO
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Who Should Attend:

  • Data Privacy and Security Professionals
  • Heads of IT/Legal/Risk Departments
  • In-House Lawyers
  • CIOs, CPOs, DPOs

Expert Speakers:

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